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Technova Imaging Products

  • CTP Plates (Thermal/ Violet)
  • PS Plates (Positive & Negative), Platemaking and Press room chemicals.
  • Nova Inkjet Coated, Photoglossy and matt papers, Transparency and Matt films.
  • Tracing and Plotter paper rolls, Reproductive clear film (BLD/ RTF) rolls.
  • DTP Tracing paper, Novapearl opaque paper, Laser printer film (SM/ DM)
  • Novadom Polyester master and chemicals.
  • PolyJet a breakthrough in CtP Technology, is truly remarkable & chemical-free, with no process plate that can be imaged on standard desktop and large format inkjet printers & taken directly to the press for printing.

Printing Inks

  • Printing ink for offset, Letterpress & Screening Printing.
  • Specialized Inks like Four colour, Quickset, Super Kromo Quickset
  • In cut colours Flora Quickset for Mini offset machines 25 Karat gold inks, Fluorescent, Metallic and Diplomat Gloss Inks. Inks for offset Printing.
  • Auxiliaries like Jelly tack aid, Q.S Tack aid, Anti set off-spray powder, Drier, Tinting inks.
  • All types of letter press inks gloss, four colour series and polyhard inks for treated Polythene by letterpress. Screen Printing Matt, Gloss, PVC (both gloss & Matt) Reducers, Thinner and auxiliaries.


  • Lamination adhesive for both gloss and matt finish work, sticker adhesive for sticker and binding work, hot melt adhesive for perfect binding machines.

Other Products

  • VIP brand lith developers, black & white processor developers, rapid access developers, photo opaque and photographic chemicals. Kodak/ Konica graphic art films and chemicals.
  • Cow brand rubber blankets for offset machines.
  • Damping hose, flannel cloth arabic gum, hypo, astrolene sheets, Viscovita sponges.
Screen Printing Materials

Coating Solutions, Sensitizers, Reducers, Thinners, Screen cleaning Solution, Bleaching Powder, Wooden Frames, Readymade Screens, Bolting Cloth, Chromaline Films, Fivestar Film, Cotton Tape, nails, Dryers, Staplers, Silicon Sheets, Silver and Gold foils, Clamps, Contact frames, Printing base boards, Rubber squeezers, PVC and Paper Tapes, PVC (clear and opaque), Paper Trimmers, Visiting Cards, Pre-gummed sheets, etc.

Sheet-fed Offset Printing Machines

Available sizes 10"x15", 12"x18", 15"x20", 18"x25", 18"x28 and 20"x30" with the following features. PTR exposure systems, Plate printers, Whirlers - available in different sizes to suit the need of individual customers.

Salient Features:

  • Motorised Dampening system
  • Centralized lubrication with timer and motor
  • Automatic feeder pile table
  • Facility print to mylo master paper
  • Print from Manifold paper to 450 GSM board
  • Digital display counting machine
  • Impression Automatic OFF by photocell
  • Hardened and ground steel gear
  • One lubrication hand pump extra
  • Two side roller safety guard
  • Electro mechanical double sheet/ no sheet detector
  • Multicolour jobs with 100% registration
  • Spray powder complete unit
  • Stabilizer Attached

Paper Cutting Machines
Fully automatic, High speed Semi-Automatic and Manual Model available in the sizes:

  • Fully automatic: 43"
  • High speed semi automatic: 33", 36" and 43"
  • Manual Model: 26", 32", 42" and 48"
Heavy Duty Cutting & Creasing Platen
Heavy duty super impression hand feed cutting and creasing platens for the corrugated, Solid, Linoleum, Plastic & Leather Industries.

Other Equipment

  • Carton Punching Creasing & Cutting Machine
  • Treadle Printing Machine
  • Perforating Machine
  • Punching & Cornering Machine
  • Gold Leaf Printing Machine
  • File Creasing Machine
  • Punching Machine
  • Wire Stitching Machine
  • Thread Sewing Machine
  • Steel Rule Cutting & bending Machine
  • Paper Cutting Machine
  • Rotary Disk Perforating Machine
  • Dab Press (Hard Press)
  • Rubber Stamp Making Machine
  • Envelope Punching & Cutting Machine Spiral
  • Calendar Rimming Machine
  • Lamination Machine
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